We are NEXUS

After an amazing Convocation 2017 (Virginia), we are gearing up for 2019 (Michigan).  Updates soon.  In the meantime…


Connecting Disciples of Jesus Christ to Transform the World

From the very first time Jesus sent out disciples to minister in His name, he sent them out tethered to other disciples (Mark 6:7).

We, at Nexus, have a core conviction that ministry was not meant to be done on our own.

Standing in the Wesleyan tradition, and confirming the Methodist emphasis of connectionalism, Nexus UMC is a ministry that seeks to connect the English-speaking disciples of Jesus Christ, who are of Korean descent and/or serve the Korean United Methodist Church.

We desire to network with one another and with our denomination not only for our mutual edification, but also for the world’s transformation, because we realize that there are things we can only do, or do better, together.

We desire to encourage the members, the ministers, and the missionaries within our denomination through our biennial convocation, regional networks, and our website.

We ask not only for your prayers and support, we we also ask that you check back with our website on a regular basis and see what’s happening in our network, read a devotion, listen to a sermon, or connect with a friend!