Cultural Influence (6/5/18)

By Nathaniel Choung Today was the first full day in Hong Kong and it began at the GBGM office and the Methodist Church, Hong Kong. There, we received a lecture from a professor at a local seminary and an overview of the church’s structure and programs. It was overall a very informative time, in which […]

Simple vs. Complex (6/3/18)

By Nathaniel Choung Our Sunday consisted of attending service at Bupyong Methodist Church. We received a tour of the educational building and saw the youth and children’s services. The church also put on a mini concert for us that consisted of a variety of music groups and soloists from the church. After, the church had […]

Reminded about prayer (6/2/18)

By Eugene Lee What I keep being reminded of this trip is the prayer. The early morning service is the one that definitely and consistently reminds me how vital the prayer is. Also, senior pastor of Bupyung Methodist Church testified how God has been working in his life and his ministry. He emphasized prayer and […]

What am I doing? (6/1/18)

By Nathaniel Choung Today’s highlight of the day was our visit to Odusan Unification Observatory that overlooks the Imjin River and the Han river between North and South Korea. For many of our fellow tourmates, it was their first time seeing North Korea, and one made a comment about how evil the dictatorship is for […]

I Begin Here in Korea (5/31/18)

By Eugene Lee Our first full day consisted of a seminar of the history of Korea, and visits to various tourist sites in Seoul. Korean spirituality was something that was on my mind throughout the day, beginning with the history seminar, in which Korea was presented in a way that seemed almost too good to […]