Nexus, a United Methodist-related ministry focused on the next generation of Korean-American United Methodist leaders, proudly invites applications for speakers with bold ideas on ministry to present in a TED-style format at our 2019 Convocation (Michigan).

A handful of speakers, from ages 5 to 65, will be chosen to share a powerful idea that both encourages and challenges the anticipated 200 persons in attendance.

Specifically, each talk is expected to follow these parameters:

  • Speaker – All those who have participated in or are related to Nexus ministries (ie. CMI, YI, CI, Nexus, Seminarians Summit, Joshua Project) are eligible to apply
  • Theme – The talk must relate to the theme of “Love Resurrected,” ministry in the United Methodist way, and the context of the Korean-American experience
  • Length – The talk must be no longer than 10 minutes in length
  • Application – Each application must include a presentation file and script
  • Approval – Applications will be reviewed by the Nexus Board of Directors

Women and others of a minority identity are especially encouraged to apply.

All applications are due by July 15, 2019!  Apply online now here!