Board Statement of Commitment

We, the 2019-2021 NEXUS Board of Directors, are united in the commitment to stay as one ministry and one body, whatever may be the outcome of the 2020 General Conference of The United Methodist Church.

NEXUS is a ministry with nation-wide influence and international reach which originally began with the express purpose of connecting English-speaking disciples of Jesus Christ who are of Korean descent and/or serve in a Korean United Methodist Church.

The fruits of our decades-long efforts to raise and form the next generation of ministry leaders within the United Methodist Church are proudly displayed in our geographical, theological, and institutional diversity.

Our members, and those who have been involved with our precursor organizations, are, today, students and professors in our United Methodist academic institutions, members and pastors in our United Methodist local churches, volunteers and staff persons in our United Methodist general agencies, and subscribers and activists of various theological and social caucus groups, all of whom reflect the power of considering one another as complementary parts of God’s creation and the United Methodist connection.

In this time of uncertainty for our denomination, we find ourselves in a peculiar place of peace as we of NEXUS are progeny of uncertainty as certainty has been a privilege which our parents and grandparents have seldom held in their possession; in uncertainty, we have followed God’s multi-generational leadership to thrive in our own context.

What we, the 2019-2021 NEXUS Board of Directors, envision is a bright future for NEXUS where people of every perspective and identity, who are not of one mind on every matter, fully embrace each other to together experience the transformative grace of God through the salvation of Jesus Christ and the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

So, stay tuned for the many ways in which we can join together in the mission which God has entrusted with us and to which God may be calling you.

The 2019-2021 NEXUS Board of Directors

James J. Kang, President (California-Pacific Conference)
Rev. Anna Moon, Vice-President (Michigan Conference)
Stephen Chang, Treasurer (Michigan Conference)
Prumeh Kim, Internship Director (New York Conference)
Irene Hwang, Member-at-large (Virginia Conference)
Rev. Minoo Kim, Member-at-large (Virginia Conference)