Keynote: The Asian American United Methodist Ministry Landscape

This Convocation, we will have several “Keynote Conversations” with special guests and leaders from across The United Methodist Church.

Rev. John Oda, Director of the Asian American Language Ministry Program, Global Ministries, joins us in conversation with an overview of where Asian American ministry fits into the United Methodist picture currently and in the decades to come.

Beginning in 1996 by the action of General Conference, AALM has been serving as an important resource for developing new ministries as well as strengthening existing ones in the Asian American community. AALM provides critical funding, technical assistance, and consultation needed to reach out to the Asian American population in the United States.

Asian American Language Ministry represents:

12 Asian American sub-ethnic groups with 15 different languages.

Immigrants, refugees, and undocumented people from Cambodia, China, Philippines, Formosa/Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Laos, South Asia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Hmong and middle eastern.

Second, third, and fourth generation Asian Americans who have had to confront many of the obstacles raised by society.