Reminded about prayer (6/2/18)

By Eugene Lee

What I keep being reminded of this trip is the prayer. The early morning service is the one that
definitely and consistently reminds me how vital the prayer is. Also, senior pastor of Bupyung
Methodist Church testified how God has been working in his life and his ministry. He
emphasized prayer and confessed that all the miraculous things that human cannot explain
how could be happened because of the prayer. The prayer has been the one that I always
emphasize as the most significant spiritual practice of mine, but, surprisingly, I realized that I
had not prayed as much as I used to pray in the past in last few years. So I am grateful for this
trip that reminds me what is essential to my spirituality and refreshes my spirituality.

Also, we had a chance to join the cell group meetings today. I had a blessed time at the cell
group meeting. Visiting some church members` houses for cell group and worshiping together
brought up some of my collegues` memories of joining the cell meeting with their parents when
they were little. For me, it reminded me my own cell group meeting back in the States. I am not
trying to complain or anything, but because of the business and the goal-driven lifestyles of
NYC, I had a hard time to gather people for the small group. So, I have been questioning myself
that how I can encourage people to come to the meeting, have fellowship together and
worship together; how can I help people to commit to ministries? After joining the cell group
meeting today, that question seemed not to be able to be answered. Then, I thought of what
the senior pastor said in his testimony and one of the early morning service sermon which was
“just pray.” That sounds too simple, and I have prayed for that for months. However, I realize
that I might have to pray until God reveals his wills to my church and me.

It might be the off the theme of this trip, however, I, personally, had a blessed day today
because I could celebrate my birthday with my mom during free time today, which I have not
had the chance to celebrate either her birthday or my birthday since I got married. My mom
and I did not do much but being together brought us up some good memories of our past. I was
so thankful that I could stay with my mom for my birthday and actually could tell my mom that I
thanked her that she gave birth to me in person. I was so thankful for God that God provided
this opportunity to be with my mom who is going through such a tough time. Also, I am so
grateful that I have such a great group so that I can learn from them and have fellowship with